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Two Hour Private Lesson 'Natural Light' Photography Class


Spend two hours with our teacher Greg Huglin who has spent

thousands of days on location working with international 

Art Directors on 'Natural Light' photo shoots  




Contact to schedule your private lesson or phone her on  0429 776 680



  • This Two Hour session is held at a time suitable to both student and teacher and is tailored to your own personal requirements.


  • Whether you are looking for a private photography lesson on location or at your premises, we can help you become a better photographer, we deliver specialised instruction in the art and technical skill of photography in a professional yet fun and simple manner.


  • Private photography instruction is perfect for those who are rushed for time or desire to learn more in a private setting.


  • After your pre-booking consultation, we will tailor your lesson to cover the topics and skills you would like to develop.


  • Perhaps you are upgrading from a Point and Shoot or Smartphone to a more sophisticated camera and want to make the transition easy or maybe you just want some creative inspiration and experience in composing images or a greater understanding of ‘Natural Light’.


  • Whatever you need assistance with, our private lessons can help you achieve your goals and have fun while doing so.


    What you will need:

  • Your DSLR, Mirrorless or Hybrid camera.


  • All the lenses you have with you, memory card and charged battery.


  • Camera's manual (if you have it) for referencing those hard to find features or we can look it up online. 

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