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 Half Day Basic 'Natural Light' Photography Class


Spend a Half Day mastering your camera with our teacher

 Greg Huglin who has spent thousands of days on location

   with international Art Directors on 'Natural Light' photo shoots  


This class is run on various days throughout the week from 9:00am to 12:00pm

Contact for current schedule or phone her on  0429 776 680

  • When all those numbers, settings, buttons and dials are explained in an easy-to-comprehend manner you will gain control of your camera and be free to create instead of being confused.

  • We keep the class size small so there’s time for interaction, questions and problem solving.

  • This class is for beginners who have a DSLR, (Digital Single Lens Reflex camera), Mirrorless or Hybrid camera and want to learn how to shoot with more creative control and confidence.   


  • This class is geared toward Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras like those made by Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax, and others but many of the techniques we teach can be used with Point and Shoot cameras and Smartphones.

  • You’ll learn how to take your DSLR skills and apply them to create beautiful and stylish natural light images. 

  • You’ll learn how to find pleasing available light for portraiture in a variety of indoor and outdoor locations.

  • You’ll learn the basic technical side of things from the best lenses for portraiture, to the best techniques for using your camera for 'Natural Light' portraiture.

  • Learn how and when to use a reflector or a scrim to modify the existing ‘Natural Light’.   


  • This class is more than just about camera settings and techniques; we’ll give you posing tips and show you why composition is so important in the creation of compelling and beautiful portraits.

     What you will learn:

  • Buttons and Dials: Locating and understanding the controls on your camera.

  • Basic Menus and Settings: File Size, Quality, JPG, RAW, and ISO.

  • The Viewfinder: What information is available and how to use it.

  • Exposure: A simple explanation of Shutter Speeds, F-Stops and their relationship to ISO.

  • Motion Blur and DOF (Depth of Field). How to use DOF to create out of focus backgrounds but keep your subject in sharp focus. 

  • Exposure modes: Auto Exposure (AE), Program (P), Aperture Priority (AV), Shutter Priority (TV) and understanding the difference between them.

  • Focusing modes: Controlling how and where your camera focuses.

  • The quick and easy way to take better people photos without having to spend years learning at schools or assisting a professional photographer.


  • You will work with window light in an indoors portrait shoot.

  • You’ll also find out how to best use a reflector when working with window light.



  • We then move outdoors to work with natural light. 

  • You’ll learn how to look for and make use of natural light outdoors, you’ll look for open shade, front light, back light, side light or rim light and learn how to use each in your portrait photography. 

  • Find out the benefits of using a reflector and how you can use a scrim when shooting in bright sunlight.


     What you’ll need:

  • Your DSLR, Mirrorless or Hybrid camera.

  • All the lenses you have with you, memory card, charged battery.

  • Camera's manual (if you have it) for referencing those hard to find features. We can always look it up online during the class.


Private tuition for groups or individuals can be arranged upon request. 




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