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On behalf of Leisa, myself and the rest of the students who attended yesterday, we would like to pass on our gratitude once again to the three of you for such an engaging, professional and hands on real world experience for our budding filmmakers. I am especially looking forward to my Year 11s upcoming Horror films after the wealth of knowledge you guys provided them with yesterday. Hopefully they will remember to shoot lots of cutaways and remember continuity which sometimes can be a major downfall in student films.

Looking forward to working and collaborating with you in the future. Would recommend your services in a heartbeat.

Emma - Senior Film TV and New Media Teacher


Thanks so much for the experience you guys created for us yesterday we had a great time and really enjoyed the day. We were all very happy with the student involvement and interest in what you presented and shared. Even towards the end of the day when maybe a little fatigue was starting to take hold with the students, their interest in the development of the final cut was very pleasing to watch.  It was wonderful to see your genuine care and empathy for the kids. This only added momentum and it went a long way to building and strengthening the rapport that continued to build through the day.  You guys are doing a great job and I’m excited to see how the students respond in their own work.

Pete S - ICT Senior Teacher

Keebra Park

This workshop was a very valuable learning experience for our students.  It provided them with an insight into the processes and practices of professional filmmaking. From planning stages in pre-production, to framing, timing and technical components of equipment in production, to practices in post-production, students gained knowledge and understanding of key film elements and concepts.  This workshop was engaging and was very much enjoyed by the students, and also the staff!  A brilliant day - would recommend to any school looking to improve and deepen students' knoweldge and understanding of film and television. 

Jane - Year 12 Film, TV and New Media Teacher


The workshop offers a true insight into the inner workings of a professional production, and is an invaluable experience for anyone looking to learn about the film industry, cameras, pre-production and post-production. The course involves everyone, accommodates for all skill levels and everyone plays a part in the film’s success; a perfect reflection of the professional process. It’s a fun-filled engaging way to educate yourself with the ins and outs of a film set, taught by Mr Huglin himself. I would definitely recommend it to any aspiring filmmakers.

Jake G - Workshop participant

Noosa, Qld

"The Noosa Film Academy provided our Year 11 Film, Television and New Media students with an experience they will never forget. The full-day filmmaking incursion, led by Academy Award winning filmmaker Greg Huglin, his talented and very organised wife Andrea Huglin, as well as surf film producer Zach Walker, modeled the production process of a public service ad, which was tailored to suit the Year 11's current study of television advertising. There was plenty of opportunity for students to get involved, and they thoroughly enjoyed learning from Greg, and - of course - loved using his professional film gear. Greg's experience in the industry, along with the invaluable advice he provided to students, will no doubt have a positive impact on students as they build their film portfolios."

Jo F. - Senior Film, Television and New Media Coordinator

Sunshine Coast, Queensland

"The students in the year 9 drama class, had such an amazing time in your workshop. It has been the buzz of Year 9 and other grades. Their final film was shown on year level meeting and I have had so many comments from teachers and students about the professional quality. They are currently filming their own short films and are using all of the techniques and concepts you and your team gave them to really bring their stories to life. Camera angles, multiple shots they are even experimenting with green screen!Your workshop and professional approach was an outstanding and valuable learning experience for our students. Thank you all once again. I am looking forward to working with you again next year."

Ali W. - Head of Year 9 Music and Drama

Sunshine Coast, Queensland

"Teacher Greg Huglin is clearly a professional and a great bloke. He will not only teach you everything you will ever need to know about cameras for both film and photography in a unique and easy-to-understand way but also has a broader knowledge of the film industry with years of experience to back it. Great for anyone looking to get into film as a hobby or a career!"

Charles - Private Film and Media Student

Adelaide, South Australia

Today was awesome to say the least. The students had a fantastic day with your crew and I think today, will be the highlight of the year for them. On behalf of the students and staff here, I would sincerely like to say, thank you. We look forward to seeing you back next yea

Leonie M - Head of Art Department


Thank you so much for the wonderful workshops you presented to our students this term. The results are excellent and I’m so glad the students immersed themselves in the experience.

Ben - Head of Art Department

Sunshine Coast

 “Greg and Andrea brought Noosa Film Academy to our Special Education Unit and inspired the students with a film and motivational career talk. They tailored the presentation specifically to our wide range of student abilities and concluded with a lively question and answer session. Greg has over 45 years in the business so if you are looking for a filmmaking workshop in southern Queensland, Noosa Film Academy provides interesting insight and professional l knowledge.”

 Jo – Special Needs Teacher,

Sunshine Coast, Queensland

"Excellent in depth tutorial - for anybody interested in photography - from beginner to advanced. Learn more about what your camera is capable of doing, by using different settings. You will learn anything you ask to be taught; filters, lighting, settings, lenses, portraiture, editing, the list is endless....."

Tacqui - Advanced Level Still Photographer

Noosa, Queensland

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