Video Clips from Greg Huglins Commercial Work

Due to privacy concerns we cannot publicly post videos from our high school filmmaking workshops.

If you are an educator, please contact us for those links, there are over 100 of them.

Volvo Penta Lifestyle TVC
Dave Kalama Profile
Greg Huglin DOP/Editor
Greg Huglin WaterReel
Ocean Demo Reel
'Pickup' Film Trailer
Greg Huglin DOP
Four Minutes With Sonny Miller
Greg Huglin DOP/Editor
Illuma Baby Formula Commercial-Chi
Illuma Baby Formula TVC-China
Great White Shark Attack
Leah Dawson-Music Video
Greg Huglin "Surfing Dolphins"
Noah Stocca-Student Film
FINS 'Shark Park' show
Noosa Logging
Ocean Sports Comp
Garrett McNamara
Laurie Towner 'Near Death'
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